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January/February 2017

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Call for Action
  • Mike Pence: The Most Dangerous Man in America by Ken Bronstein

March/April 2017

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: 100 Days of Resistance
  • Atheist Demands by Larry Shaw
  • Donald Trump, The Religious Right’s Trojan Horse by Michelle Goldberg
  • Trump and the Downfall of the United States by Larry Shaw
  • Hurt by the Church? It’s Time to Talk About It by Jonathan Merritt
  • Swarm the Trumpephant by Tyson Gill
  • The New Darwin Awards are Here!!
  • Why Trump Has Been Able to Get Away With It: In a Word, Religion by Eric Stone
  • Are We a Christian Nation? by Vic Losick

January/February 2016

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Our Future is Here and Now  […]
  • Ending the Atheist Movement by Tyson Gill  […]

March/April 2016

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Why be a NYC Atheist […]
  • Secular Policy Institute Weekly Numbers Report by Deanna Cantrell […]

May/June 2016

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Reason Rally 2016: We’re Going on the Road […]
  • When Religion Makes People Worse by David Gushee […]
  • Dismissed With Prejudice by Tyson Gill […]

July/August 2016

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Why the 2016 is the Most Important of our Lifetime […]
  • Atheism Shines at 2016 Reason Rally by Tyson Gill […]
  • Don’t Blame Secularism for Society’s Ills by Phil Zuckerman […]

September/October 2016

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Trump Crosses Over […]
  • Yes There Is a Constitutional Separation of Church and State by Dale Hansen […]

January/February 2015

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: A Year of Action
  • 2014 Year-End Dimwit Awards
  • Religion and Torture by Tyson Gill   […]
  • Meet NYCA Member Susan Jacobsen

  March/April 2015

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Don’t Just Sit There–Do Something!   […]
  • Obama Tells It Like It Is
  • Are We Naturally Religious? by Tyson Gill  […]
  • Meet NYCA Video Specialist Eric Stunzi

May/June 2015

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Letter to Mayor DeBlasio  […]
  • Solidarity and Power Words by Tyson Gill   […]
  • American Atheists National Convention, Memphis April 2-5 2015

July/August 2015

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Where Are You Now?
  • C’mon Out, No More Repression! by Lawrence Shaw
  • Changing Minds by Tyson Gill   […]

September/October 2015

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: YOU are the Future of NYC Atheists   […]
  • Why You Should Be an Atheist Activist by Tyson Gill   […]
  • Divorce Clergy from Civil Weddings by Ken Bronstein   […]

November/December 2015

  • PRESIDENT’S MESSAGE: Why You Must Be a Single Issue Voter  […]
  • Absolute Atheism by Tyson Gill   […]