NYC Atheists is a non-profit, non-partisan educational and advocacy organization based in New York City. Our primary mission is defending the separation of church and state and advocating for issues of interest to the atheist community. We focus on bringing people together and hold a number of regular monthly events as well as a range of other events to educate, promote social action, and just to have fun.

And yup, we’re against religion, superstition, and ignorance. But that only means we’re FOR a whole lot of good things:

  • Maintaining the separation of church and state
  • Promoting science, reason, and fact-based decision-making
  • Ensuring that public policy decisions are informed by facts rather than myths and fears
  • Keeping religious teaching out of our public schools and all science classes
  • Embodying ethical behaviors forged by evolution and our innate intelligence and compassion
  • Sharing our deep sense of awe and wonder of our amazing cosmos as revealed by science
  • Embracing the arts, fiction, fantasy, creativity, humor, and fun
  • Showing respect for all persons, but not for all beliefs

Most of our events are educational involving areas of general interest including a wide range of social and scientific subjects. We engage in activism and outreach to advance issues of interest to atheists including the promotion of science, secular education, separation of church and state, fact-based thinking, and ensuring the civil rights of atheists in all facets of life.

Our meetings and membership are open and all are welcome including atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, secularists, skeptics, humanists, separation-of-church/state advocates, individuals who are questioning their beliefs, and even religious individuals who happen to share our interest in a particular topic.

We invite you to “drop in” and be welcome at any of our events. Guest are always welcome but we hope you’ll eventually decide to become a member.

The only time we get “angry” is when our Eggs Benedict arrive cold!


Meetings are private despite being open to the public. Recordings are prohibited. You may share what you learned, but not direct quotes and identities.

Let it be known and agreed upon, that NYC Atheists Inc. is a §501(c)(3) non-partisan, nonprofit educational organization. We are obligated to follow all the rules required by the IRS. Therefore, according to the IRS, There will be NO ELECTIONEERING either by discussing or by electronic means of either approving or disapproving a “Candidate or any Process” thereof as written in the IRS’s §501(c)(3) requirements. Otherwise, at our discretion only, we will stop the unapproved discussion and or electronic display by the individual we feel is at fault for that action. If one persists in going against this bylaw or is very disruptive, that we have the right to remove that person or persons from our “Zoom” meetings and report them to the appropriate authorities.

By joining in our “Zoom” meeting, you have agreed to follow the above Statement.

NYC Atheists Inc. is a §501(C)(3), non-profit, non-partisan, educational association with these Purposes and Goals:

To promote total and absolute separation of church and state.

  1. Becoming a Proud Atheist by developing a helpful toolkit to respond to any opposition or misunderstanding of Atheism respectfully.
  2. Critical Thinking on Climate Change, e.g. The Greening Revolution.
  3. Periodic Science Presentations, e.g. Evolution, scientific breakthroughs.
  4. Is the Right-Wing Christian Nationalism a threat to the survival of the Constitution?
  5. Secular Governments vs. Theocratic Governments worldwide.
  6. Chat & TalkGPT and other iterations of AI, will the future be Great or in Great Danger for our civilization?

Our meetings and membership are open and all are welcome, (both nonbelievers and believers), atheists, agnostics, freethinkers, secularists, skeptics, humanists, separation-of-church/state advocates, and individuals who are questioning and searching beliefs.

NYC Atheists Inc. | PO Box 6444, New York NY 10150-6444 | [email protected]