Here are some seriously fun videos you might enjoy.


Animated Shorts and Humor

Spiritual Not Religious Church – 2:37  (View Here)
Hilarious parody of a church service for New Age Spiritual but not Religious types.

Religion Evolves – 5:02 (View Here)
Baba Brinkman makes religion make sense in rap.

Homer’s Evolution – 1:09 (View Here)
A humorous time-lapse of evolution as experienced by Homer Simpson. This is a really effective teaching aid for kids!

The Monkey Suit Episode – 12:59 (View Here)
A complex dramatization of the evolution-creation debate as only the Simpsons can do it. It’s so good, it has its own Wikipedia discussion page.

Dawkins on South Park – 1:24 (View Here)
Richard Dawkins answers the “What if You’re Wrong” question during a discussion forum on South Park.

Mr. Garrison’s Evolution Class – 1:17 (View Here) – Mature Content
A South Park parody of a science teacher forced to teach evolution. Caution, this contains crass language that is typical of South Park humor.

Religion is Bullshit – 10:23 (View Here) – Mature Content
Famous stand-up comedy by the legendary George Carlin. Caution, this contains… well it contains George Carlin material.

TED Talks, Debates, and Presentations

Dawkins on Militant Atheism – 29:06 (View Here)
Richard Dawkins urges all atheists to openly state their position — and to fight the incursion of the church into politics and science. A fiery, funny, powerful talk.

Bill Nye Debates Ken Ham – 2:45:32 (View Here)
Full video of the formal debate between Science Guy Bill Nye and Young Earther Ken Ham. For some additional diagnosis of Ken Ham’s delusional arguments see here. For a crib sheet of the primary arguments Ham advances in this debate and their short, snarky rebuttals, see here.

Interviews and News Shows

The Pray-Off – 3:39 (View Here)
Colbert and Carell debate religion on The Daily Show and decide to hold a Pray-Off to resolve it.

John Oliver on Televangelists – 20:05 (View Here)
This recent Last Week Tonight segment on televangelists and “seed faith” is must see viewing.

Kate Smurthwaite’s Smackdown – 1:16 (View Here)
Stand-up comic and political activist tells it like it is in this town forum style exchange.

Documentary and Educational

Jesus Camp Highlights – 9:37 (View Here)
Powerful excerpts from this great video documentary of life at “Jesus Camp.”

The Conspiracy Road Trip – 1:35 (View Here)
Watch this short excerpt from the Conspiracy Road Trip. We join it just after the group of believers have been shown dramatic evidence of evolution. Pay particular attention to the dark-haired girl at the end talking about why she cannot accept the indisputable evidence that they have seen. Her rationale is heart-breaking.

Factuality – 12:56 (View Here)
A short video on fact-based thinking by NYC Atheists member Tyson Gill.