We live in interesting times, especially here in America. This election year we have reached a critical point of no return in the ascension of two powerful movements; religious influence over social policy and corporate influence over economic policy. If we fail to push back on both of these this year, it will take generations…

On March 24th we Atheists will rally in Washington D.C. to seek parity in a nation that mostly marginalizes nonbelievers. Some people may wonder: How are Atheists a persecuted class? How are Atheists discriminated against? We have the right to vote, we can sit in the front of buses and we can get legally married….

We all know this infamous story but it can’t be repeated often enough. In a 2007 GOP Presidential debate, the moderator asked if any of the candidates did not believe in evolution. Three leading hopefuls for the highest office in our land raised their hands. Those candidates included Sen. Sam Brownback (R-Kansas), Arkansas Governor Mike…

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