Day four of our six-part series of awful bills based on religious ideology takes us to West Virginia, where reproductive rights are under assault.

While this bill actually passed in September 2022, HB302 is a type of abortion ban that we expect to see replicated in various states during the upcoming legislative session.

Although HB302 is framed as an abortion ban with exceptions, in practice those exceptions are meaningless and designed to be unworkable. For example, the bill provides an incest and sexual assault “exception,” however, adult victims must request an exemption within eight weeks of pregnancy. Therefore, survivors must realize they are pregnant, report the crime to law enforcement, law enforcement must provide the report to the medical provider who is to perform the abortion; and the abortion must be provided — all within 8 weeks. This is completely unrealistic. HB302 is a sweeping abortion ban that merely pretends to protect victims of sexual assault and incest.

HB302 also claims to allow abortion in the event the pregnant person’s life is in danger, but explicitly excludes an abortion for any psychological or emotional harm. The bill goes even further by not permitting an abortion if the pregnant person may engage in conduct that would put their life in danger.

The religious right has long worked to trample reproductive care, no matter who it harms. We work hard to ensure that this type of extreme legislation that is built on Christian ideology will not be implemented in other states.

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