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In Lawrence Samuel Shaw’s novel we meet Adolf Hitler as a manipulative, mendacious boy whose obsession with painting is met with angry distain from his conventional father. Losing his parents at an early age, the opinionated, argumentative teenager leaves his Linz, Austria home for Vienna and later Munich where he meets with artistic failure, but finds solace in extensive reading, and homosexual unions. Unable to support himself selling his cheap paintings, Hitler becomes a gay prostitute. His aimless bohemian life ends when he joins the German army in WWI where Hitler finds purpose as a decorated soldier. Inconsolable after Germany’s defeat, he buys into the anti-Semitic propaganda that puts the blame on the Jews. (Stab in the back). Later, with spellbinding oratory talent and an instinct for hustling the masses, Hitler builds the racist, right wing Nazi Party into a national political force while hiding his homosexuality with platonic relationships, first with his niece Geli whom he drives to suicide, and later, the more pliant Eva Braun.

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