I love my job. Raising money for a cause that is near and dear to me is a privilege. And our field has, without a doubt, the most interesting supporters. There’s not a dull one in the bunch, and I’m thrilled that I’m getting to know more and more of you personally.

Some things might surprise you about the fundraising world in general, and me in particular:

  1. I probably already know your name. And when you call or email, I am excited to hear from you, even if we’ve never met in person. What I often don’t know is whether you go by any nicknames. Let me know your preferences, and I’ll make a note!
  2. Also, we fundraisers are hopeless people pleasers, and you should take advantage of that fact. Within reason. If you have a particular request, be it for back issues of the magazine, some special arrangement at the convention, or the replacement of a pin, just let me know. I will try very hard to make it happen. 
  3. After almost 25 years in the fundraising world, I know a thing or two about effective ways to give. If you are interested in supporting our work in new and creative ways, just get in touch. I know the options, and I’m certainly not pushy (see #2 above).
  4. Your stories are fascinating, and I love to hear them. If you have thoughts on how our work has affected you or your loved ones, let me know. And if you’d like, maybe we can share your story. 
  5. I sometimes hide useful hints about giving in the PS of my emails.

So, will I hear from you more often in 2023? I certainly hope so! And until then, thank you for your remarkable support.

All the best,

Martina Fern
Senior Director of Development

PS: If you want to make our day and contribute one last year-end gift, simply click on this link. And checks that are dated December and arrive at our offices by mid-January will still be posted into 2022. (See, told you!)

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