Amazon Smile has been a significant source of income for American Atheists, and for many other nonprofit organizations. Through this program, Amazon donated 0.5% of a customer’s purchase to the charity of the customer’s choice.

Sadly, Amazon just announced that they’re terminating the program. That means we, like many nonprofits, face the challenge of filling this significant gap in some other way.

Help us overcome this unexpected funding gap with a tax-deductible contribution right now—or read on for the best way to stand with us.

If you have designated American Atheists as your nonprofit in Amazon Smile, thank you. You have made a real difference. In total, Amazon Smile has given us over $20,000. That’s serious money by anyone’s standard.

As you might imagine, we don’t have billionaires knocking down our door to support us. And frankly, we prefer it that way. An organization is always healthier when it’s supported by a broad range of people committed to the cause.

The math is pretty simple: if 166 of you decide to give just $10 a month, we can wave Amazon Smile good-bye and move on. Or if 83 of you gave $20 per month. Or we go with the Douglas Adams answer: 42 of you giving $40 a month.

This sounds eminently doable, don’t you think? It’s simple: go to our donation page and set up your monthly gift today.

Thank you so much for stepping up in the face of this unexpected challenge.

Martina Fern
Senior Director of Development

PS: Corporations can have a lot of great impact through sponsorships, grants, and matching gifts. Do you know a company we may not have thought about yet? Let me know!

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