Next week, hundreds of atheists from around the country will convene in Philadelphia for our highly anticipated 2024 National Convention!

Today (March 20) is the last day to purchase tickets to our Friday Awards Dinner and Saturday VIP Reception. Thanks to our wonderful hosts at the historic Loews Philadelphia Hotel for granting us an extension, today is also the very last day to take advantage of our group’s special room rate of just $159 per night.

Saturday’s VIP Reception is such a cool opportunity to mingle with American Atheists staff, state directors, convention speakers, and more. And you are NOT going to want to miss Friday’s Awards Dinner featuring a very special speaker, the legendary Ellery Schempp.

Ellery, a native of Philadelphia, is not only an accomplished physicist but also the the primary student involved in the landmark Abington School District case, in which the United States Supreme Court decided it was unconstitutional for public schools to mandate Bible readings.

In 1956, Ellery’s school required students to read the Bible and Lord’s prayer each day. He staged a protest and read from the Quran instead. Ellery, his father, and his younger siblings took their fight to court, and in 1963, the Schempp family won. It was an enormous victory for the separation of religion and government, for students’ civil rights, and for all atheists and nonreligious Americans.

Don’t miss the chance to meet members of our community and hear Ellery’s story: RSVP for the Friday Awards Dinner and Saturday VIP Reception today!

I really hope to see you in Philly next week, but if you absolutely can’t join us, you can still help with our 2024 Service Project!

Each year at our convention, we proudly put into practice the words of our founder, Madalyn Murray O’Hair, that “two hands working can accomplish more than 1,000 clasped in prayer” by packing meals for locals who are in need. This year, we’re trying to raise $12,000 for a total of 24,000 meals.

If you’re able to give $10, $25, or $100 today in support of our service project, I’m confident we can reach that goal. And, thanks to a match fund, your contribution will do twice as much good! Will you lend a hand today?

Thank you so much,

Samantha McGuire
National Field Director

PS: Don’t forget we’re still offering special discounted admission fees to local activists, military members, students, and folks who are on a fixed income! Plus, if you book today, you can still get a room at the Loews for $159 per night.

American Atheists is a 501(c)(3) non-partisan, nonprofit educational organization that relies on the support of members like you. Contributions are tax-deductible. Our Federal Tax ID Number is 74-2466507 and our Combined Federal Campaign number is 52217.

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