The team at American Atheists is a microcosm of our movement, and perhaps especially so around the winter holidays.

Some of us don’t celebrate at all, opting instead to travel, read a good book, or volunteer at a food bank.

Some of us surround ourselves with people and enjoy good food and good company.

And yes, some of us make concessions in the interest of good relationships, and may even set aside disagreements in  order to keep the family peace.

We don’t know how you will spend the next few days, but we do know this for sure: that the community we have built together is strong, kind, and resilient. We look out for each other, and we take pride in what we accomplish together.

In that spirit, from all of us here at American Atheists, happy holidays, and thank you for an exceptional year.

In gratitude,

Your friends at American Atheists

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