This week, I, along with other members of the American Atheists team, had the opportunity to attend an event at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia. The center has a direct view of Independence Hall.

Surrounded by our nation’s rich history, we participated in the National First Amendment Summit and heard from speakers like Salman Rushdie, Yale University Professor Akhil Reed Amar, Harvard Law Professor Jeannie Suk Gersen, and many more. The entire summit is available to watch on YouTube.

It was a deeply impactful event steeped in the historical context that defined our understanding of the fundamental rights enshrined in our Constitution at our country’s foundation. And it was a stark reminder of what it is we are fighting for.

It makes the realization that well-funded forces within our society are determined to undermine the ideals our nation was founded upon all the more gut-wrenching.

Christian nationalists have shamefully cloaked themselves in the Constitution and all things patriotic, while spending countless millions of dollars undermining and attacking the very foundations of our democracy. That cannot stand. Not only are their goals and methods incompatible with our nation’s values, their wealthy backers and well-organized movement have caught many by surprise.

But not us. We have been speaking out and exposing the dangers of Christian nationalism for years. And now, finally, lawmakers and the media are starting to pay attention.

Help us continue the fight to put Christian nationalism in its rightful place: the ash heap of history.

The best way to do this is to set up a monthly donation. It’s easy for you, it saves us money in mailing out donation requests, and helps us more effectively plan our activism. It’s a win-win situation, and we are grateful for every new monthly donor.

Tomorrow is Constitution Day, commemorating the day that the Constitution was signed just steps from where I was earlier this week. It’s a powerful reminder that the rights guaranteed in that revolutionary document are constantly being perfected — and constantly need defending.

I’m proud to stand with you in defense of those rights.

In solidarity,

Nick Fish

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