6:30 pm — 9:00 pm
SLC Conference Center
15 West 39th Street – 3rd Floor

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HOST: Dennis Horvitz

TOPIC: Christian hate group
SPEAKER: Tom Van Denburgh – American Atheists Communications Director

In February, American Atheists #LicensePlateHate campaign exposed how Arizona had already funnelled over $1 million to the Christian hate group, Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF)—all of this with zero transparency.

In fact, until our campaign, ADF was quietly accepting funding from the Arizona Department of Transportation (ADOT) for sales of “In God We Trust” license plates.

All that ADOT told Arizonans was that “$17 of the fee goes to promote the national motto ‘In God We Trust’, 1st amendment rights and the heritage of this state and nation”—nothing about discrimination against atheists, LGBTQ Americans, religious minorities, women needing contraception, or anyone else ADF disapproves of.

But then we came along, launching our #LicensePlateHate billboard campaign all around Phoenix, holding a press conference, and engaging the Arizona government in a tweetstorm to spread awareness.

Facing pressure from constituents, the Arizona Department of Transportation released a statement on Twitter, distancing itself from ADF: “These plates are authorized by state law, not agency policy. ADOT implements ARS 28-2430, requiring us to provide this plate and disburse the funds accordingly.”

And guess what! Just recently, ADOT made its specialty license plate program fully transparent by informing Arizonans where “In God We Trust” license plate fees are going: to the Christian-supremacist group Alliance Defending Freedom.

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May 30, 2019
6:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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