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By Phil Zuckerman. Whenever tragedy strikes in America, some conservative politician or pundit will inevitably blame it on secularism. In the aftermath of the shooting at Umpqua Community College in Oregon, for example, Fox host Bill O’Reilly cited weakening religion as the culprit. “As the world becomes more secular,” he declared, “civilized restraints to bad…

By Tyson Gill. Over the years I have attended a fair number of rallies for various progressive causes. Many frankly left me feeling kind of disheartened and embarrassed. They were often a circus of special interests with everyone vying to draw attention to their own pet causes and showing no apparent interest in the subject…

By Ken Bronstein. The conventions are coming! From July 18-21 in Cleveland (Republican) and July 25-28 in Philadelphia (Democratic), delegates will confirm their Presidential nominees—Trump and Clinton. They will also confirm the vice-Presidential running mates. Their other important business will be to write and ratify their party’s platform. Pay close attention to it—for yourself and…

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