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Saturday Summer Street Tabling
Kicks off June 9nd at Columbus Circle!
Sunday Brunch Event on Summer Break
Will resume on September 9th!

We have our work cut out for us: with the 2016 presidential election and its crowded, combative field full of Religious Rightists dedicated to ending the Separation of Church and State, it’s time for us fight back—hard. We need to be at the table when decisions are made by our elected officials. We need strategies,…

As reported on December 2, 2014 in the Religious News Service (RNS): Should clergy divorce themselves from civil marriage? In a survey of 2,000 American adults, the Nashville-based Christian research company (LifeWay Research) found that 36 percent of them said that clergy should no longer be involved in the stateʼs licensing of marriage. LifeWay also…

We’re New Yorkers, citizens of the greatest city in America! And since we represent the saner people in our city, we’re also the most enlightened and influential of New Yorkers! We are a large and united voice to be respected and reckoned with! We cannot be ignored. Hear us roar! Well, not so much. Our…

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